Why Lasik Xtra?

The decision whether or not to undergo LASIK eye surgery requires careful consideration.

It is an investment in something invaluable—your quality of life, and it can be a significant financial commitment as well. That’s why we’ve developed Lasik Xtra, a procedure performed during your LASIK surgery that strengthens the cornea of the eye and has the potential to:1,2


Extend the longevity of LASIK, decreasing the need for touch-up procedures


Improve the accuracy of a LASIK procedure


Provide peace of mind in knowing you are getting the highest quality, safest eye care possible


Reduce the potential for long-term changes in your vision

Benefits of Xtra

If you are a candidate for LASIK, SMILE, or PRK you are likely a candidate for Lasik Xtra, SMILE Xtra, or PRK Xtra too. Talk to your surgeon to see if the benefits are right for you.

See Strong

Incorporating Lasik Xtra, SMILE Xtra, or PRK Xtra into your procedure improves the strength of the cornea.3

Lock-in the Prescription

Lasik Xtra, SMILE Xtra, or PRK Xtra may extend the longevity of your procedure and could eliminate the need for touch-up procedures, reducing the potential for long-term changes to your vision.4

Improve Procedure Accuracy

Enjoy life with the better vision that Lasik Xtra, SMILE Xtra, or PRK Xtra can provide.5

Over 200,000 eyes have been successfully treated with Lasik Xtra around the world using the KXL System.

Clinical Data

Lasik Xtra was shown to be a promising technique to reduce refractive regression following refractive surgery, particularly in categories of patients with high myopia or hyperopia6.

Improved Stability in Hyperopic LASIK Patients at 2 Years
Additionally, some studies suggested the potential to improve the predictability of the refractive outcome in Lasik Xtra as compared to LASIK alone7.

Cumulative UCVA in Highly Myopic LASIK Patients at 3 Months

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“Studies have shown that cross-linking at the time of refractive surgery could also improve the stability of the refractive outcome over time and reduce regression.”

– Lim Li, MD, Singapore National Eye Institute

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Considering LASIK?

Ask your physician about Lasik Xtra. Find an ophthalmologist in your area today to find out if the treatment is right for you.

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